Poppy Jack Russel Terrier
Owner: Marlene Meredith
Email: popanco@geocities.com
Breed: Jack Russel Terrier

Poppy Jack Russel Terrier
Poppy (right) and daughters, hit the road.

Comments: Home: England
Poppy is a Jack Russell terrier from England, a small prick eared bundle of fun that changed our lives eight years ago, all JRT lovers will know what I mean!! We brought her home when she was 10 weeks old, we had no choice, she was the last one of the litter, but that was it, we were hooked on JRT's forever! Poppy is a bit special, she has the nicest temperament of any dog I've known, she loves everyone, humans and animals alike, she is always tolerant of children or young puppies who want to jump all over her!
You can visit Poppy's Web Site Here

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