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Barking Buddies | August 22, 2019

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Hobart dog show marks 150 years

Hobart dog show marks 150 years

Dog lovers have converged on Hobart to celebrate 150 years of dog showing.

The nation’s first ever dog show was held in Hobart in 1862.

This weekend’s show featured 500 dogs and 105 different breeds from Old English Sheepdogs to Chow Chows.

The National Kennel Council President, Hugh Gent, said the anniversary was a special occasion.

“It’s made people bring their dogs out and people have dressed up,” he said.

“They’ve taken more trouble than they usually do so it is exciting.”

The event’s manager Kaye Klap said modern breeds were very different to those featured in the inaugural show.

“They were mainly gun dogs, hounds, terriers and the working breeds like the sheepdogs and that sort of thing,” she said.

Mr Gent said dog breeds had evolved significantly since the 1800s.

“Every dog has a standard that says the body must look like this the head must look like this, so people have streamlined the dogs and made the dogs better,” he said.

“I imagine the old style let’s say the corgis, the old style ones would have been long and all different, so they’ve got professional in breeding.”

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